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Historical Scholarship in the Digital Age

Things Noted

Kevin Smith, Power, error, and a “crucial historian” Scholarly Communications
“Starting with a truly frightening story about how easily misinformation is spread on the web, librarian Amy Fry discusses some important lessons that we not only can, but must, learn about information in the digital age.”

Larry Ferlazzo, The Best Tools for Making Online Timelines Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day
“There are many online timeline tools out there. But I’ve only found very few — three, in fact — that are easily accessible to English Language Learners and non-tech-savvy students and teachers, free, and allow users to grab images off the web to add to their final product.”

Nick Poyntz, Digital history and early modern studies Mercurius Politicus
“The discussion in the JAH was mostly in relation to the wider public accessing historical sources. But can digital sources also alter the reality we as scholars reconstruct from a source?”

Mills Kelly, You Have Been Warned edwired
“What really has me charged up this semester is that I’m teaching a new course, ‘Lying About the Past’ that is an investigation of historical hoaxes, plagiarism, and fakery.”


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